Hi, I’m Melissa Jayne

Welcome to Energy 4 Life!

Exhausted? Not feeling well?

Is low energy robbing you of the activities you once loved, or keeping you from sharing important experiences with loved ones?

Bioenergetic health and wellness scanning can help you understand what’s going on with you and your body so that you can live life to your fullest potential!

When the body field is functioning properly, it’s able to provide the correct information to all the body’s cells at one time, keeping everything functioning together. But when it’s not, you can start to lose energy and health as cell functions are disrupted. Bioenergetics works by using resonance to restore your body field and energy flow, supporting your optimal health and wellness.


“The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.”

Melissa Jayne

I’m Melissa Jayne. I’m here to help you live your best life possible! Whether you want to be happier, healthier, more proactive with your overall health and wellness, have more energy or find out what’s holding you back. Energy 4 Life through bioenergetic wellness scanning can provide the insights and awareness you’re looking for.

My passion is helping you to uncover the root cause(s) of what is holding you back and keeping you stuck so that you can step into the life you want. That’s what I love about Bioenergetic Wellness Scanning; it really helps you develop an overall picture and perspective on what’s going on with you as the unique individual that you are, covering many aspects of yourself and incorporating, the physical, mental and emotional sides.

I create a safe, trusting environment and work in a way that is gentle, unintrusive, yet efficient and effective. I have many other tools and techniques at my disposal to support you in your journey and whatever it is that you require.

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The Scan

Bioenergetic wellness scanning of your human body field; identifying where your field may be blocked or distorted and where it may require additional support.  Understanding what’s happening in your body’s field enables you to make informed choices about you and your lifestyle to take control of your health and wellness.

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The Drops

Infoceuticals are structured water drops that provide the body field with the information it requires to bring your cells back into alignment (based on your individual scan results); supporting the body’s natural ability to heal and be energised.

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The Device

A handheld biofeedback device that uses pulsed electro-magnetic frequencies (PEMF) to provide information (through frequency) to the body to enable it to respond accordingly where there is resonance.  Your bioenergetic wellness scan will specify the frequencies your body requires to bring itself back into a state of balance.

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You are the greatest project you will ever get to work on. Take your time.

Create Magic.

Energy 4 Life Philosophy

If you’ve read through this Energy 4 Life site, you’ll already know that humans aren’t just chemicals that randomly know how to join forces and produce functioning bodies. They require a blueprint to pull off this miracle.

In physics, what we normally think of as “empty space” contains universal fields that store information. Which is a real, measurable thing in physics. This information is what guides everything – from atoms to cells to planets and people – about how to come together and function the way they should.

When it comes to people, we simply call this blueprint the Human Body Field. It guides the flow of energy in the body and acts as an instantaneous communication system for the body to work as a single, harmonic unit. As long as the body field is in good shape, the body should be energised and functioning as well as possible.

But if the field becomes distorted or blocked – as it can be by heavy metals and other toxins; pathogens (like viruses, molds, and bacteria); or emotional stress and traumas – the body itself can start to break down.

This is why true, holistic living has 3 parts to it:


Eating well to provide the nutrients, or building blocks, for information and energy to work with.

Constantly recharging your body through proper hydration, grounding, sunlight, exercise, and other healthy habits.

Ensuring that your body field is optimised to make the best possible use of the energy and nutrients you provide it.

Energy 4 Life addresses all three of these. With the Bioenergetic Wellness Scan and Infoceuticals, we’re able to assess and improve the state of your body field, supporting your body’s incredible ability to heal and thrive.  Guidance is provided on eating well and recharging your body in your scan consultation and through the Health & Wellness online course that’s available.

What if your body’s ability to heal is far greater than you have believed is possible?  The documentary film, HEAL (now available on Netflix!) encapsulates the approach utilised by Energy 4 Life and empowers you with a new understanding of the miraculous nature of the human body and the extraordinary healer within us all.

Melissa is an incredible human being and a pleasure to work with.  I fully endorse Melissa and Energy4Life.

Having worked in natural health and wellness for the last 20 years it takes a lot to wow me and I am wowed with the work Melissa does.  Melissa understands the science of the body and is highly intuitive, a brilliant combination.

Self care is a necessity, not a luxury.  Activate your health and wellness with support from Melissa.