A holistic approach to your wellbeing

Hi, I’m Melissa Cameron. I utilise the NES Health Bioenergetic Wellness Scanning system to scan your body field, giving you a holistic perspective on you, your body, and your life.  This provides insight and awareness into what you already know and are experiencing in yourself but perhaps haven’t been able to bring together and connect the dots to what is required to create the shifts and change you desire.

I work alongside you to debrief your scan and discuss lifestyle choices in a holistic way along with any other changes that may be required for you to live your life to the fullest.  This will enable you to make conscious, proactive choices about your health and wellness.

The Scan

Bioenergetic wellness scanning of your human body field; identifying where your field may be blocked or distorted and where it may require additional support.  Understanding what’s happening in your body’s field enables you to make informed choices about you and your lifestyle to take control of your health and wellness.

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The Drops

Infoceuticals are structured water drops that provide the body field with the information it requires to bring your cells back into alignment (based on your individual scan results); supporting the body’s natural ability to heal and be energised.

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The Device

A handheld biofeedback device that uses pulsed electro-magnetic frequencies (PEMF) to provide information (through frequency) to the body to enable it to respond accordingly where there is resonance.  Your bioenergetic wellness scan will specify the frequencies your body requires to bring itself back into a state of balance.

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Good health is having no fatigue;

having a good appetite;

going to sleep and awakening easily;

having a good memory;

having a good humour;

having precision in thought and action;

and being honest, humble, grateful and loving.

How healthy are you?

– Louise Hay

Melissa is a wealth of information and has a wonderfully calming energy.  She supports me to identify what’s going on with me and pulls it together in a way that provides huge insight and helps me to know which direction I’m heading in and what my next steps are.  I highly recommend her and all that she offers.


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Come as you are, leave as you want to be!