The Drops (Infoceuticals)

What Infoceuticals Are

Energy-4-Life-Infoceuticals-2-imageInfoceuticals are designed to be taken at home in an ongoing daily protocol, the NES infoceuticals allow you to address the body’s energy environment and help turn on the body’s self-repair system – directly impacting the physics of the body where the physical biochemistry and its quality are determined.

Encoded with corrective information that helps the body return to its optimal blueprint for health and wellness, the unique line of Infoceuticals is based on extensive mapping of the human Body Field by NES Health over the past 30+ years.

Restore the body field and you’re restoring the underlying control system of everything. Of your organs and systems right down to your cells and DNA. This control system runs on resonant communication, which can get distorted by toxins, pathogens, and even emotional stress and traumas.

These need to be resolved and communication restored, and this is done by bringing the correct resonance (or what we call “information”) back into the body-field.

How is that possible? Through the miracle of Infoceuticals.

​This video gives an overview of NES Health’s proprietary imprinted water Infoceuticals that help the body return to its optimal blueprint.

The power of Infoceuticals


Activate your body’s own healing system on a cellular and energetic level


Enhance the strength of your body’s energy


Regulate the accurate flow of information your cells need to function


Restore your body’s energy flow to a more optimal state


Enjoy boundless energy and improved health

Numerous clinical trials and studies have been carried out on Infoceuticals. The results are stunning.

How Infoceuticals Carry Information


If you’re wondering about how water can store information in this way, check out the studies conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto who demonstrated through repeated experiments that human thoughts and emotions could alter the molecular structure and crystalline forms of water.

Information is the foundation of every physical structure, whether an atom, a molecule, or human cells. Every structure is always sending this information out into the world at the same time it is receiving information from everything else. You might say everything has a unique “energy signature” picked up by anything else that resonates with that signature. NES Health conducted “matching” tests (electronically mapping resonance between test items) which were based on the premise that the information that creates one thing can communicate with the information that creates another.

While everything does interact with the information of everything else, certain things are in “resonance,” meaning that they have a strong, clear method of communication. In the human body, this creates optimal pathways for information to flow, similar to what traditional Chinese medicine referred to as meridians. And when everything in a system is speaking correctly, we say that it has coherence.

Structured water was shown to receive, store, and transmit information. And by holding a strong, coherent signal — like healthy cells do — structured water can use the principle of resonance to influence the fields of unhealthy cells and bring those fields back into coherence.

This is what Infoceuticals are designed for, and why they have produced such remarkable results in thousands upon thousands of people.

There are two keys here. First, Infoceuticals have to carry the right information to correct specific aspects of the body-field. Proprietary algorithms were developed by Fraser’s matching techniques to represent corrective information through code, and this is imprinted into Infoceuticals using modulated photons.

Second, Infoceuticals must carry a strong, stable signal. This is done by imprinting them under a 10,000 volt electrostatic field.

In this way, again, Infoceuticals act like the information of healthy cells, using the principle of resonance to bring unhealthy cells back into alignment, back into coherence with the rest of the system, supporting the body’s natural ability to heal and be energised.

The importance of cellular health

Healthy cells are coherent, and send out stronger communication signals than unhealthy cells, which have lost some of their coherence. The power of their signals can help to restore coherence in unhealthy cells, creating a healing process within the body-field. And of course this leads to a physical recovery as well.

Unfortunately, if coherence breaks down in too many cells — due to toxins, pathogens, stress, or trauma — the collective decoherence creates a stronger signal than that of healthy cells. And so they begin a disease process within the body-field, where healthy cells are pulled into decoherence and illness.

This is why coherence is so important in the human body. If cells stop communicating properly, disease follows. This is why the NES Health technology tests whether the body resonates with information it is supposed to resonate with. The NES Health system is testing for coherence.


I brought my 9 year old son to see Melissa because of behavioural concerns raised by his school and the paediatrician diagnosing mild autism and ADHD.  Over the last year his behaviours had continued to escalate including; anxiety, self doubt, defiance, difficulty concentrating, calling out repeatedly in class, unable to sit still or get on his work and so on.  Since taking his course of drops which included one for ‘Learning’, his teacher has noticed he’s much calmer, is participating fully and can’t believe the change in him.  The SENCO has also observed him again and feels he’s improved so much there’s no need for additional classroom support she was applying for!


Feel Good Infoceuticals

The specific infoceuticals your body requires are identified through the process of having a scan.  However, there are a number of ‘feel good’ infoceuticals that can be purchased without a scan if you feel you need extra support in a particular area.

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“Your body’s ability to heal is far greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.”

– Heal Documentary 2018


The future of wellness

Infoceuticals are imprinted with information to help restore coherence where it’s needed. They use resonance – the ability for a strong signal to bring a similar signal into alignment with it – to restore integrity to the body field and support the body’s ability to correct itself.

Over time, NES Health have tested hundreds of Infoceuticals and selected only those that play critical roles in correcting the human body field.

Because resonance works “non-locally,” the information distributed by an Infoceutical is picked up by field receptors in cells throughout the body.

But since each type of cell has unique field receptors, each responds best to specific types of information. So each Infoceutical communicates with and seeks to restore the coherence of specific aspects of the body-field, supporting the health and healing of different areas of the body.

While health corrections are sometimes uncomfortable as we release buried conditions and toxins that have been stored in the body, the Infoceuticals themselves have proven exceptionally safe over the years. And they’re easy to take. You simply add drops to a glass of water and drink the water. They have a slightly salty taste (diluted by the water), due to the minerals that are used to structure the water so it can hold information.

Bioenergetic Wellness Scanning system

If you’d like to learn more about the NES Bioenergetic Wellness Scanning System, please refer to the NES Health website.  If you’d like to see screenshots of a scan and what to expect, click here.

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NES Health and any of its products do not claim to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat disease.  If you have a medical condition or concern, please consult an appropriate health care professional.  NES and its claims have not been evaluated by any government agency or regulatory organisation.

“If your thoughts can make you sick, is it possible that your thoughts can help you heal?”

– Dr. Joe Dispenza